Het Bestand

Written by Judith Goudsmit
Based on the book by Arnon Grunberg
Directed by Thomas Korthals Altes
On Dutch television April 19th, 2017

A coming of age thriller about the search for intimacy and love of hyper intelligent hacker Lillian, who comes to the realization that men might be the weakest, but also an indispensable link in each system. When her father, once a whistleblower at Svenson bank, dies, Lillian decides to take matters in her own hands and take revenge on the bank and the people that contributed to his demise. She disguises herself as a cybersecurity employee, but slowly discovers that she’s not the only one pretending to be someone else, and that the world is not as black and white as she once thought. Where lies the boundary between activism and terrorism?

Copyright Judith Goudsmit