Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie

Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie was performed at the Duke Theater, NYC, December 2011.
Text by Mar Gomez Glez & Judith Goudsmit
Directed by Josh Hecht & Ignacio Garcia-Bustelo
Scenic Design by Robin Vest
Lighting Design by Clifton Taylor
Sound Design by Sam Kusnetz
Composition by Javier Moreno
Choreography by Cherice Barton
Costume design by Yuko Nakoa

In Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie fifteen individual artists find themselves in New York, dreaming of Lorca and wondering why it is that we continue to be drawn to this city to make our life and our art and exploring the peculiar brand of loneliness that this city can evoke. The piece blends fantasy with actual moments from Lorca’s work and trip – such as his famous witnessing of the 1929 stock market crash – with today’s experience of trying to make a life in New York during the biggest economic crisis since Lorca’s visit.


Copyright Judith Goudsmit