Being Late and Robot

The monologues Being Late and Robot were performed at the Richmond Shepard Theater in NYC, Spring 2012, as part of the A Girl Wrote It festival.
Produced by Wide Eyed Productions.

“It’s funny. I just sit at home and know exactly what time it is, I watch the minutes go by, even when it’s seven thirty, which is the time I was supposed to be here, and still. I don’t get up. I don’t put on my coat. I don’t even blink. My heart beats normally, the way it always does. I am aware that I should get up, and how many minutes it will take me to get somewhere, but my legs seem to refuse. Like when you’ve smoked opium. Which I haven’t. But that’s what I imagine the sensation to be. And then I’ll notice an email I still have to respond to, or a form I have to fill out. And I do it. Even though I am fully aware that that will take me at least fifteen minutes. Which is also the time it will take me to get here. So I have just doubled the amount of time I will be late. But the heart still beats normally. I’m not nervous, or anxious. Nothing. That comes later when you have to apologize. When it becomes real. I’m sorry I’m late. The trains weren’t running properly. Sorry. Really.”

Copyright Judith Goudsmit