Mother Astronaut Of Matsudo

Work created at ParadiseAIR residency in Matsudo, Japan,
May 2 – May 16th 2017:

Mother Astronaut of Matsudo
by Judith Goudsmit & Fiep van Bodegom

Two writers from the Netherlands present their text inspired by an interview with Naoko Yamazakiwho, who was born in the town of Matsudo. She was the first Japanese mother in space and the word mother-astronaut, mama-san uchuuhikooshi, was created for her. Using their observations of Matsudo as a starting point, they combine Heian diaries and fifties futuristic poetry from the height of the cold war to travel through time and space. The finalized text will be read by performers from Matsudo in a local cafe Wakamatsu on Saturday May 13 at 18.00.

The booklet will be handed out to audience members, and will be available at establishments in NY (8-Ball Zine fairs) and Amsterdam (poetry shop Perdu) soon after.

Photographs by Hajime Kato

Copyright Judith Goudsmit