Love in Transit

Two short pieces on love and longing were performed at the Red Room theatre in the East village, NYC, summer 2011.
Written by Judith Goudsmit
Directed by Paul Takacs
Starring Emilie Kapp

The play is a comic fantasy presenting the lives of two unique individuals, a man and a woman, and their struggles with love, longing, and loneliness in a world of relentless momentum.

“I figured we would go for a coffee. At a local cafe.
Something cosy and comfortable so we would both feel at
home. First there would be espressos, three each. Or maybe
two. Maybe he can’t drink a lot of coffee. Or he prefers
filter. Just regular, black coffee. Then there would be
pastries, he would skip that, but would order me something
sweet. A cheesecake or a croissant. We would decide to stay
there for wine and dinner and then they would close and we
would linger in front for a while, both not knowing what to
say, he would look down, with his hands in his pockets, but
then in the end, he would of course, you know- It would be
something we would both remember. Later I mean. Years

Copyright Judith Goudsmit